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第7回(社説)社会保障と税 「将来」見すえた議論を



【今日の素材】2018年1月12日 朝日新聞(デジタル)1/8 朝刊の社説

社会保障制度 social security system

「全世代型」 offer the same levels of benefits for “all generations”

大きく転換していかなければならない (stress) the need to revamp

子育て支援 child-care aid

〜と比べて手薄な be meager compared with those provided to (the elderly)

現代世代への支え welfare benefits for younger generations

大胆に公費を投じる boldly ramp up government spending (to achieve the goal)

方針に異論はない (we have) no objection to this argument

将来世代 future generations

社会保障の財源 be financed considerably by (government bonds)

国債の発行 government bonds

将来世代へのつけ回し shift the financial burden to future generations

(社会保障の)行く末に抱く不安 (people’s) anxiety about the future of social security

不安を払拭する dispel (people’s) anxiety (about –)

目先の人気取り政策 short-term measures to boost (its = the government’s)popularity among the public

推計で be estimated to be

過去最少の(約94万人) a record low

(高齢化で)社会保障費が膨らむ (the nation is facing) swelling social spending due to the aging of its population

v + 一方で amid (a steady decline in the number of workers paying into –)

年金や医療、介護 pension, health-care and nursing-care programs

担い手となる現役世代 workers paying into

国民全体に負担を求める call for requiring the entire public to shoulder the financial burden

*consumption tax hike

(支援が必要な人への)給付を急ぐ swiftly provide benefits (to the needy)

旧民主 the Democratic Party of Japan (now the Democratic Party)

社会保障の一体改革 integrated tax and social security reform

与野党の壁を超えて出した答え nonpartisan agreement

一体改革の枠組みの変更 change the framework of the integrated reform

借金抑制に充てる財源 the money earmarked for curbing government borrowing

幼児教育・保育の無償化 free early childhood education and day care

消費増税の延期 postpone a scheduled consumption tax increase

将来世代への目配りが後回しにされている (the policy change) signals insufficient consideration for future generations

給付と負担の全体像の作り直し improve the overall balance between benefits and burdens

一方的に変更した unilaterally changed (the three-party agreement)

議論を主導する重い責任 (Abe) has the primary responsibility to initiate and lead such debate


財政再建計画 (it) works out a new plan to restore fiscal health

基礎的収支を黒字化する (the fiscal policy goal of) achieving a primary balance surplus-tax revenues exceeding spending on policy programs

「財政健全化の旗は降ろさない」 (Abe has) vowed to continue efforts for fiscal health

筋道を描く road map

目先の拡充策(ばかり) simply proposing short-term steps (to expand social security)

暮らしの安心(につながる) reassure worried taxpayers

悠長に構えてはいられない time is growing short for the government to take effective actions



つぎは 10月12日(土) です。




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