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第9回(社説)原発輸出 国民にツケを回すのか



【今日の素材】2018年1月24日 朝日新聞(デジタル)1/21 朝刊の社説

苦境の原発産業 (rescue) the embattled nuclear power industry
リスクを肩代わりする (force the public to) shoulder the huge risks
日立製作所 Hitachi Ltd.
原発の建設・運営事業 project to build and operate a new nuclear plan
(資金面で)強力な支援策を検討する consider providing enormous loans to aid (the project)
福島第一原発の事故 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster
安全規制の強化 stricter safety standards
建設費が膨らむ sharp rises in construction costs
原発リスクのリスク the risks involved in the nuclear power business
経営危機に陥る (a nuclear debacle) throw the company into a financial crisis
賠償金の重さ (face) financial liabilities of a tremendous magnitude related to damages caused by the disaster
まざまざと見せつける dramatically demonstrated
政府系機関 the government-affiliated financial institutions
損失を被る (will) incur heavy losses
国民にツケが回る may eventually have to be covered with taxpayer money
前のめり姿勢(を改める) (the government should rethink) its heading rush to (help finance the project)
政策上の必要性 the necessity of the measure from a policy perspective
慎重に見極める make careful reassessments (of the risks involved)
日立の子会社 a British company that has been acquired by Hitachi
(原発の)事業費 the cost of the project
日英の金融機関からの融資 (will be covered with) loans from Japanese and British lenders
(出資などで)まかなう will be covered with
採算性 (assess) the commercial viability of the project
日本の大手銀行 major Japanese banks
「官」の肩入れ the public sector is notably keen to back it
政府系の国際協力銀行 the government-affiliated Japan Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC)
民間銀行による融資 the private-sector loans; the loans extended by Japanese commercial banks
貿易保険制度 trade insurance
実質的に保障する(方向で調整する) the government will effectively guarantee
日本政策投資銀行 the government-affiliated Development Bank of Japan (DBJ)
出資に加わる (be willing to) chip in with funding
政府が後押しする the administration of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is eager to support (the project)
原発産業を守る(思惑) (because it wants to) salvage the floundering nuclear power industry
経産省 METI(the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)

*a private-sector business (あくまで)ビジネス

*the risks involved should be Bourne by the private sector companies (that are engaged in the business) 事業を手がける民間企業がリスクを負うのが本来の姿だ

経団連 Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) – the nation’s leading business lobby
政権と経済界 between the public and private sectors
足並みをそろえる work in tandem (to promote exports of technology…)
(支援策が)合理性を欠く lack economic and policy rationality
官民のもたれ合い (a sign of) mutual back-scratching
根本的な疑問もある there are fundamental questions (in the first place)
政府や関係機関 the government and other organizations involved
幅広い観点から検討(を尽くす) (should) regorously re-examine the plan from a broad perspective
国民に丁寧に説明する offer convincing and detailed explanations (about its decision) to the public



つぎは 10月12日(土) です。




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