Rie Hiramatsu is a freelance interpreter, voiceover artist, Japanese and English pronunciation coach, born and raised in Japan, a musical upbringing taught her from an early age to be sensitive to sounds, and the sometimes subtle differences in them.

English was her first foreign language. She quickly learned to appreciate that it holds a universe of wisdom, and richness of culture, far different from the Japanese language and culture of her upbringing.

She received her formal education in Japan, Northern Ireland and England, and has since has worked for a broad spectrum of business enterprises, government agencies, domestic and global media corporations (e.g. television and radio stations) – everything from personal interpreting to government level conferences.

Now having many years of professional experience, not only as an interpreter and translator, but also as a voiceover talent she has acquired multiple university degrees, and advanced qualifications in the fields of media, interpreting, teaching Japanese, and English to speakers of other languages, voiceover (in both languages), and subtitling.

Recent projects in which she has been involved include Japanese interpreting & providing voiceover for BBC World News (Video-on-demand) materials and English interpreting & voiceover for BBC One.

Having moved to the UK in 2007, she now resides in London and the Peak District. Her business takes her to Europe, the Far East, Middle East, USA and Africa.

Find out more about her education and work background on her Qualification & Memberships.