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“Price List” available upon request, as it is password protected.

BBC One “Sunday Morning Live” – Peace Boat – ‘Hibakusha’ Interview
(9 Oct, 2017 – Series 8, Episode 8, by courtesy of BBC)


Fees may differ for a number of factors – e.g. the type of interpreting requested and the size of the audience or participants.

Conference – Multilingual meetings and conferences, in an interpreting suite / booth or on stage next to the speakers.
Business – Business negotiations, meetings, site visits, press conferences, reception parties and IR.
PR & Marketing – Marketing, advertising, branding and promotional strategy presentations and meetings.
Media – TV/ Radio: for live programmes and recorded materials.
Legal & Court – Meetings at law firms, court interpreting, both PSI and private cases by verbatim rendering. I have PSI (Legal) Level 7 qualification.

Re: Recording Interpreting Performance in Meetings
Interpreting is an oral intellectual exercise, very different from drafting a written text. There is no known instance of spoken language being completely transferable into acceptable written form. It is therefore recommended that professional minute writers or translators be used to do the editing required.

The organiser or any third party who may wish to record interpretation in the course of a meeting, must therefore apply for permission at the time the very first contacts are made with the interpreters concerned. (c.f. aiic memorandum)
Remuneration for recording permission will be 50% of interpreting fees.

  • Professional Liability insurance
  • Lifestyle cover insurance (accident & injury)


As well as working as an interpreter for live TV programmes, further training has allowed me to work on many voiceover projects, such as BBC World News.

If you would like a small sample of work completed to ensure I have the correct voice for your project, check out my voice reels.

I can provide translation of the script from English into Japanese, and adjust the sentences to match the footage/images.

Genre: Documentary, News materials, Corporate presentations, eLearning, IVR (telephone prompts), Audiobooks, Narration…

For receiving source materials and delivering target materials, I am happy to use your designated FTP server.

VOICE REEL-Japanese [埋め込み]

VOICE REEL-English [埋め込み]


Authentic Japanese pronunciation/diction coaching

Coaching for non Japanese speaking actors to achieve authentic delivery of Japanese lines, and for orators to make speeches in Japanese.

British English pronunciation coaching

– Help for Japanese clients, such as actors and singers who have learnt exclusively American English with detailed guidance and bridging knowledge.
– English pronunciation coaching for Japanese people who are learning the language.

An original method which incorporates phonetics and methods used in teaching Japanese as a foreign language in the UK and in the renowned broadcaster’s training ‘AnaTore’ (http://anatore.fujitv.co.jp) by Fuji Television (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fuji_Television), a key established national television channel in Japan.