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1. Enquiry

For general information, or to discuss your specific requirements, please email or call me.

2. Quotation

On receipt of the necessary information an estimate will be sent to you. If there is something that needs to be clarified in order to provide a quote, I will request this by email.
For conference interpreting requests, I may make suggestions such as the number of required interpreters, the type of interpretation and the necessary equipment.
For other requests, depending on the nature of each assignment or project, I may make suggestions and ask further questions before and/or after provision of a quote.

“Price List” available upon request, as it is password protected.

3. Order confirmation and material provision

Once the order is agreed and placed, the order is confirmed. From here on, the cancellation policy applies. Please read Terms & Condition carefully beforehand.

For interpreting assignments, it is crucial that the interpreters understand the content of the presentations and topics to be covered in the conference. To this end, please provide any materials and related documents at least 7 days in advance.

4. Date of service and deadline

The interpreters will come to the specified location on the date and time requested. For any other projects with a deadline, the files will be returned to you by that deadline, as agreed.

5. Service confirmation

I would love to receive your feedback on completion of assignments or projects. I will give you a call or send you an email asking for this, and I would very much appreciate it if you could respond. Your comments will enable me to further improve my services in the future.