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【今日の素材】2018年1月5日 朝日新聞(デジタル)1/3 朝刊の社説

「米国第一」”America First”

世界は揺れている the world is teetering from (Trump’s “America First”)

米国の離反(が続く) the US keeps walking out of (long established international frameworks)

「世界の警察官」”police of the world”

秩序の守り手 (for) defending the global order

先が読めぬ不確実性の象徴 a symbol of uncertainty and unpredictability

多国間の協調(を軽んじる) multinational agreements

二国間の取引 bilateral deals

トランプ流の秩序 “Trump’s way” of marginalizing (multinational agreements)

露骨に追い求める aggressively pursue

機敏な動きを見せる(中国やロシア) take advantage (to catch the US off-guard)

揺らぐ多国間協調 shaky multinational cooperation

共産党大会 (the 19th) Communist Party Congress

ほぼ全方位で関係強化を進める reinforce (China’s) relations with nations (of Southeast Asia…)

(大統領選で)4戦確実だ look certain to win a rough presidential term (in March)

和平交渉を主導する assert leadership in (Syrian) peace negotiations

地域統合をめざす(流れが衰える)any move toward regional integration has lost its force

欧州連合の理念を否定する政党 political parties that refute the spirit of the European Union (are gaining strength)

(英国は)離脱に歩みを進める Britain is going ahead with Brexit

右翼政党が躍進する a right-wing party surge (in Germany)

新内閣を発足する(できない) deprive )Chancellor Angela Merkel) of the chance to form a new Cabinet

(先導役のEUも)ふらついている the EU which used to be seen as a world leader in upholding the ideals of democracy and freedom (and eliminating national borders) is (also) on shaky ground

反多元主義 anti-pluralism

警鐘を鳴らす warn

「力による平和」 “peace through strength”

ポピュリストが乱立する overrun by populism

自由市場主義 free market principles

代表制民主主義 representative democracy

低成長と財政難 sluggish economics growth and fiscal problems

国民が不安を高める経済格差を是正する rectify economic disparities that exacerbate the public’s sense of disillusionment

多様化する人々の利害を調整する level the playing filled for people wit diversifying interests

強権による政治の効率化 making politics more “efficient” by authoritarian means

排他主義 xenophobia

他国の互恵的な利益拡大 empathize with “others” in our own countries

(日本の)外交力向上 hone Japanese diplomacy

(日本の)進路を見出す (Japan) find its way

地球規模で意思疎通を深める acquire the diplomatic prowess to engage in deeper global communication

世界の潮流の中で amid (today’s) global current

(日本の)安定と発展(を探る) explore every means to ensure that national stability and development prevail

歩調を合わせる be in step with (Trump)

*dictatorial regime’s annihilation 独裁的体制による「完全な破壊」

脅威の質(が異なる) threat (to Japan) posed by Pyongyang differs in nature (from tat on America)

武力行使(選択肢たりえない) the use of arms is absolutely not an option

長期的な軟着陸 a “soft landing” (through negotiations involving China, Russia and South Korea)

より長期的な課題 longer-term problem

成長する中国を取り込んだ平和的な秩序 build a peaceful world order of which fast-growing China must be a part

対米牽制を強める become increasingly aggressive toward the US

(日本が)身に備えるべきは (Japan) cannot do without

冷静な情勢分析 (based on) accurate and objective analysis (of the state of the world)

多角的な外交交渉能力 skillful multilateral diplomacy

宗教都市エルサレム Jerusalem

国際的に孤立する become isolated

対米同盟の一本足外交 diplomacy that is conducted solely on the basis of the Japan-U.S. alliance is precarious at best

自立した思考 establish own view and philosophy of the world

平和志向の経済大国 a peace-seeking economic giant

安定秩序の恩恵を受ける owe to the stable world order

国際結束 multinational frameworks of cooperation

(国際結束の)価値を支える責務は重い (Japan”s duty to) support international solidarity is graver than ever



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