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【今日の素材】2017年12月28日 朝日新聞(デジタル)朝刊の社説

専守防衛の原則 strictly defensive national security policy
〜を逸脱する deviate from
防衛省 the Defense Ministry
海上自衛隊 Japan maritime self-defense force
ヘリコプター搭載護衛艦 helicopter destroyer (DDH)
空母に改修する refit (the helicopter carrier) into aircraft carrier
*refit 船舶の場合は refurbish などと言わず、常に refit (海事用語)

垂直着陸ができる (it) can take off and land vertically
F-35B戦闘機 U.S. Marines’ F-35B stealth fighters
最新鋭戦闘機 a state-of-the-art fighter
〜を搭載する検討に入る (the Defense Ministry) has started considering refitting (its Izumo helicopter carrier)
防衛大綱の見直し revision of the National Defense Program Guidelines
中期防衛力整備計画の策定をにらんだ動き the move is apparently liked to the next Midterm Defense Program
通常国会 the regular Diet
徹底的な審議 exhaustive debate
壊滅的破壊 devastating damage
攻撃的兵器の保有 possessing highly offensive weapon
自衛のための必要最小限度の範囲を超える run counter to the principle that Japan can only have minimum necessary self-defense capabilities
歴代内閣 successive Cabinets
踏襲してきた has been upheld
見解 view (theー)
具体例 examples of such weapons
攻撃型空母 aircraft carriers for large-scale attacks
大陸間弾道ミサイル(ICBM) intercontinental ballistic missiles
長距離戦略爆撃機 long-range strategic bombers
攻撃的兵器と防御的兵器 defensive weapons and offensive ones
防衛のための空母 (an) aircraft carrier for self-defense
防御型空母 ”defense-oriented aircraft carrier”
国会答弁で in responding to questions in the Diet
離島防衛への活用 defense of remote islands
〜を名目とする calling (the vessel)
〜が発着できるよう改修する is changed to enable landings and takeoffs of (F-35B)
安全保障関連法 the new security legislation
有事 during military emergencies
給油する to refuel
(防御型と称しても攻撃型の)実態をもつ would be battleship capable of attacking enemy targets, even if (it is called a “defensive” aircraft carrier or something else)

建造費 construction of (Izumo was first) budgeted
打撃力を持つ戦闘機 a full-fledged aircraft carrier
〜する構想はない (the Defense Ministry) denied any plan to
〜が一転 (the ministry) has suddenly flip-flopped on its stance
長距離巡航ミサイル long-range cruise missiles
関連経費を計上する (the government) included money (for the introduction of long-range missiles) in its draft budget (for the fiscal year)
敵基地攻撃のため for attacking enemy bases
兵器の増強を進める gradually enhancing and upgrading Japan’s military capabilities
財政難 (amid) a fiscal crunch
防衛費の膨張 excessive growth in defense spending
周辺国 neighboring countries
不毛な軍拡競争に陥る trigger a futile arms race
〜する恐れもある could also lead to
専守防衛を堅持する defend the security of the nation while adhering to the defense-only security policy principle
近隣外交 Japan’s diplomacy with its neighbors
骨太な議論 well-focused, in-depth Diet debate on
〜を期待したい we are eager to v.


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